AIPLA Women’s Networking Event: 10 Year Anniversary

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) is an innovator and visible​ global leader in intellectual property law through their commitment to education, outreach, member service, and advocacy. The Women in IP Law committee will be celebrating its 10th annual Women in IP National Networking Event in conjunction with the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

The event is a meeting of women located around the globe who practice IP law and/or regularly face IP issues in the ordinary course of business.  In this regard, numerous sub-events are held concurrently in various geographic locations by law firms, corporations, and universities.

During the event, select groups of the individual locations (e.g., European locations, U.S. locations and the like) are joined together via a teleconference.

Brooks Kushman Associate Rachel Smith, along with other women attorneys at Brooks Kushman, will be hosting the event for Southeast Michigan. It will include a wine tasting, as well as a champagne toast to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event.


May 4, 2017


Cork Wine Pub

Pleasant Ridge, MI


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