Washtenaw County Bar Association IP Law Section Meeting

The Washtenaw County Bar Association is hosting the IP Law Section Meeting in Ann Arbor at the end of October.Brooks Kushman shareholder Matthew Mietzel is presenting on “Foreign Patent Application Filing Pitfalls.” He will discuss the conflicts that can result from inventions created through international collaboration. In today’s global economy, product development can take place internationally with design teams in multiple countries.  Protecting inventions that result from international collaboration may invoke patent regulations in multiple countries.  These patent regulations may be inconsistent and may directly conflict.  Thus, companies seeking international patent protection for inventions that result from international collaboration need to identify and navigate the applicable patent rules carefully.


October 27, 2017


200 N. Main

Ann Arbor, MI


Click here learn more about the event, and to RSVP by Wednesday, 10/25/17.