Webinar: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Year in Review: Major Breaches, Changes in the Law, and Upcoming Trends

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Changes in the cyber and data privacy landscape continued to have a meaningful impact on companies throughout 2019. Over the past year, there were numerous breaches and cyber-attacks as well as changes in cyber/privacy legislation that significantly impacted all industries. In this webinar, topics covered will include:

  • Major data breaches, including frequently targeted industries and significant attacks
  • FTC orders announced in 2019, the significance of these orders, and how they differ from earlier orders
  • Various changes in cyber/privacy legislation, including the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the internet of things (IoT) legislation
  • Updates regarding cyberinsurance policy coverage
  • Changes to the NIST cybersecurity and privacy framework

In this webinar, Brooks Kushman shareholders John Rondini, Matt Jakubowski, and Todd Dishman and CIO Ben Harel will review these developments and discuss trends they see in the space as well as potential strategies to better protect your organization in 2020.


John RondiniCo-Chair Cybersecurity | Patent Litigation | Post-Grant Proceedings

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2913
Matthew JakubowskiExecutive Committee Member | Co-Chair Cybersecurity | Patent Prosecution | Patent Litigation | IP Licensing

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2762
todd dishman
Todd DishmanPatent Prosecution | IP Litigation | Post-Grant Proceedings

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2865
Ben HarelChief Information Officer

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2723
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