Webinar: Strategies for Managing a Global Patent Portfolio

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Managing global patent portfolios is no small feat. Especially since certain emerging markets are becoming increasingly important and will play a vital role in your company’s IP strategy. In-house counsel, in cooperation with outside counsel, need to work together to accomplish your company’s business strategy and IP goals.

During this webcast, speakers from Schaeffler Group and Brooks Kushman will discuss strategies to manage global filings, streamline counsel for efficiencies, and cost-effective solutions.

Topics include:

• Which countries to file your patent applications in
• Managing both domestic and foreign outside counsel
• Managing workload between inhouse and outside counsel
• Preparing claims for efficient examination at the U.S.P.T.O
• Adding value to existing IP – drafting new claims according to US practice
• Editing the patents specification to avoid problematic terms in the US
• Compliance of figures


Mark JotanovicPatent Litigation & Patent Prosecution

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2722
Michael MacCallumMechanical/Electromechanical Patent Prosecution & Post-Grant Proceedings

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2934
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