About Our Patent Analytics Team

Those tasked with managing patent assets face a myriad of challenges when handling a sizable portfolio. The needs of keeping a competitively-sized portfolio often run counter to the desires to keep IP budgets under tight management. Further, gradually accruing patents also means rising annual maintenance fees. These costs can be offset by licensing wins, strategic defensive patent utilization and even enforcement, but even identifying opportunities for such monetization in a large portfolio can be cost-prohibitive.

Brooks Kushman’s analytics team leverages powerful analytics technology to assist clients in evaluating portfolios, minimizing costs, and obtaining strategic defensive information. By using newly available analytics data that identifies when your patents and applications are used as prior art, we are able to efficiently identify potential licensing targets.

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Team Members


John Nemazi
Co-Chair Patent Prosecution

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2730

Benjamin C. Stasa
Electrical, Computer, & Software Patent Prosecution

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2830

Bernard Tomsa
Software/Hardware Patent Prosecution & Patent Analytics

Michigan Office
P: (248) 226-2821

Michigan Office