Press Releases | 09/16/2008

Brooks Kushman Law Firm Honored for Innovative Thinking and Initiatives


Brooks Kushman P.C. was recently honored as a member of the Century Club, or one of the 21 law firms recognized for their innovative thinking in the 21st century, by Michigan Lawyers Weekly and the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan at an award ceremony held at The Community House in Birmingham, Mich.

As a member of the Century Club, Brooks Kushman was recognized for its innovative initiatives that attract and retain young and diverse professionals. Specifically, the nomination evaluated the law firm`s long-term retention and flex-time programs, technological capabilities and recruitment initiatives that encourage the best and brightest from Michigan law schools to stay and practice law in Michigan.

“It is especially rewarding to receive this honor as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year,” said Jim Kushman, chairman and chief executive officer of Brooks Kushman. “We are pleased to be recognized as a forward-thinking law firm as, over these past 25 years, we have strived to continually create and implement new ways to better attract and support our employees.”

Some of the unique initiatives / thinking that helped garner Brooks Kushman this honor include:

• Extensive training programs that offer four levels of training / mentoring to provide associates with multiple sources that allow them to gain an understanding of the Brooks Kushman culture, as well as what is expected of them.

• Exceptional growth opportunity, including an objective framework to ensure an individual`s compensation is a function of their work ethic.

• Flexibility in time and location, which allows lawyers to create a schedule that is most effective (i.e. coming in a little later to save time that would have been spent sitting in traffic).

• Cutting-edge technologies that provide associates and partners the same connectivity / functionality off-site as on-site.

• The “Brooks Kushman Women`s Initiative” that works to foster growth and camaraderie among the female population within the firm – which is exceptionally high for the traditionally male-dominated intellectual property field.

• A multitude of outreach initiatives, such as reaching out to bar associations (including specialty and minority associations), law schools, law professors, as well as networking and supporting specialty groups, to attract and maintain a diverse group of employees.

“As a technology-driven law firm, we are dedicated to staying in step with the latest technical trends and developments,” said Mark Cantor, president of Brooks Kushman. “This award honors our commitment to growth and evolution, so we can continue serving our clients and employees in the best manner possible.”

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