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We offer a full range of intellectual property services with skilled experts who work with clients in a variety of technical disciplines and industries.

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Advanced Materials

Ceramics, high value-added metals, resins, pigments, additives, composites, polymers, and biomaterials


Unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, rotary-wing aircraft, obstacle avoidance systems, aircraft engine systems, buoyancy controls, aircraft performance monitoring systems, aircraft navigation systems

Artificial Intelligence

Speech and voice recognition, natural language processing, image processing and recognition, neural network

Automation and Robotics

Control systems, mechanical structures, computer vision, natural language processing, edge computing, transfer learning


Drivetrain, body structures, telematics, breaking systems, power sources, suspension systems, interior trim, lighting, brake systems, tire monitoring systems

Autonomous and Mobility Technology

Sensors, advanced displays, system modeling software, electronic control units, V2X, driver assistant, safety features


Adhesives, coatings and sealants, enzymes, food processing, metallurgy, organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical formulations and delivery systems, polymers, small molecule chemistry, semiconductor and superconductor materials

Consumer Products

Clothing, consumer electronics, cosmetics, outdoor equipment, sporting equipment, audio technology, IoT, jewelry, wellness, air purifier

Electrical and Computer Technology

Microelectronics, open-source software compliance, blockchain, cellular technology, MEMS, sensors

Financial Solutions

Cloud services, network security, hardware, monitoring services, cybersecurity, business intelligence, communication management, data processing

Green Technology

Environmental science, green materials, sustainable energy generation, hydrogen production, batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, desalination, environmental remediation, erosion control, sustainable horticulture and agriculture, ecotechnology, renewable resources

Industrial Manufacturing

Machines, robotics, assembly systems, fabrication, software, machine learning

IT Services

Open-source software management, patent, prosecution, IP litigation, trademarks, trade secrets, patent searching, and filing

Life Sciences

Small molecule pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, assays, food and dietary inventions, diagnostic techniques, bioinformatics

Medical Devices

Medical and biomechanical devices, surgical instruments, orthopedic devices and implants, dialysis systems, imaging devices and methods, ophthalmic devices, tissue engineering, therapeutic and diagnostic devices