Press Releases | 11/01/2021

Brooks Kushman Participating in the “Do Something Hard” Challenge by Diversity Lab


SOUTHFIELD, Michigan – At Brook Kushman, we are excited at the opportunity to participate in the “Do Something Hard” challenge for the 2021 Inclusion Blueprint, as one of only 50 law firms participating in the challenge.

The Inclusion Blueprint is a collaborative project between Diversity Lab and ChIPs to provide a first-of-its-kind tool to measure inclusion actions that law firms can and should employ at both the leadership and practice group levels. These actions help to ensure that historically underrepresented lawyers have fair and equal access to quality work, influential sponsors and clients, and other career-advancement opportunities. The assessment includes three main categories that law firms must track to measure and benchmark their diversity and inclusion efforts at both the leadership and practice group level – (1) current diversity target thresholds and year-over-year progress; (2) ongoing inclusion practices and activities; and (3) a commitment to “hard” actions to be implemented over the next year.

The “Do Something Hard” challenge is a new addition to this year’s assessment. In 2020, many law firms issued strong statements confirming their commitment to racial equality, ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly in the workplace and beyond. This challenge takes that commitment to the next level. Erin Hichman, Diversity Lab’s Director of Data Management says, “The ‘Do Something Hard’ actions, when put in place by firm management and supported by all partners at the practice group level, signal that they are serious about and committed to making their own group’s systems more equitable.”

In taking on this challenge, Brooks Kushman has committed to:

  • Providing 50 hours of “billable credit” to lawyers for meaningful contributions to diversity and inclusion at the firm and in the profession. Track and measure whether those hours are being spent equally across demographic populations. And make changes to remedy unequal distribution across demographic populations
  • Conduct a “pay” and “origination credit” equity gap analysis that measures compensation and business development/expansion credit gaps across demographic populations (controlling for title, seniority, and performance metrics) and develop a plan to fix inequities revealed by the analysis.
  • Have the majority of partners in the practice group sign and agree to the “Ally Action Pledge” – a pledge which asks partners to advocate for and champion at least one diverse associate or junior partner.

Brooks Kushman is additionally committed to furthering its DEI efforts through an ongoing critical assessment of our recruiting process, engaging in quarterly DEI training for all staff and attorneys, and consistently seeking out other ways to reinforce and advance DEI at all levels of the firm.

To read the full press release from Diversity Lab about the “Do Something Hard” challenge, click here.

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