Press Releases | 05/23/2010

Brooks Kushman’s Abbatt to Address Physicians, Medical Executives about Patents and Cardiovascular Medicine at 11th Annual New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference

Team Contact: William Abbatt

To help cardiovascular medical professionals become aware of the pitfalls and opportunities of patents in their field, Brooks Kushman law firm’s William G. Abbatt will address the 11th Annual New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference (NCVH) in New Orleans on June 2 to 5. Abbatt, a shareholder and registered patent attorney, is an expert counselor, litigator and educator in all aspects of patent law.
Abbatt is slated to participate in two NCVH sessions, the first on Thursday, June 3 from 3:10 to 3:25 p.m. where he will discuss “Intellectual Property Troubleshooting for the Medical Executive.” In a panel discussion on Friday, June 4 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., Abbatt will be joined by cardiovascular specialists Drs. Desmond Bell and Elias Kassab in a panel discussion titled “Patents and Cardiovascular Medicine: An Intersection of Practices.”
“Presenting at the NCVH Conference is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of patents to an audience that can really benefit from this information – the innovators of new medical developments,” said Abbatt. “Intellectual property, especially patents, is big business. Therefore, raising an awareness of the importance of these matters will help further the research and development successes of these top medical professionals.”
NCVH is one of the nation`s largest cardiovascular conferences, bringing together more than 2,000 attendees, 125 exhibitors, 180 faculty and 200 scientific presentations. According to NCVH, the conference is the largest medical meeting to focus on PAD (peripheral artery disease) and peripheral interventions.
At NCVH, Abbatt hopes to discuss some of the most common struggles that would-be entrepreneurs face when working to secure a patent, one of the most crucial steps in protecting one`s own idea, protocol or technology. Abbatt, along with more than 70 highly specialized Brooks Kushman professionals, is skilled at working with such clients – from individual inventors and emerging companies to Fortune 100 companies – in IP and technology matters.
His first session will discuss the common questions, concerns and pitfalls that medical executives often encounter when exposed to IP-related issues. He will address IP strategies for attracting investors, philanthropists and new patients, branding, due diligence, agreements and more.
In Friday`s session, Abbatt and his co-presenters will deep-dive into the “big business” of patents as they relate to cardiology. This session will discuss the importance and key aspects of the patent process that pertain to cardiologists, including savvy advice that discusses: types of patent applications; costs, procedure and timing considerations; searching, issuance and enforcement; patent prosecution abroad; and other noteworthy considerations.
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