Press Releases | 01/13/2005

Child’s Play Key to New Brooks Kushman Ad Campaign Kid “Inventors” Bring the Joy of Discovery Back to IP

Team Contact: John Halan


SOUTHFIELD, MICH. – A new advertising campaign from the intellectual property law firm Brooks Kushman, PC aims to put the joy of discovery back into the heart of IP law. The campaign will feature a series of ads with kid “inventors” engaged in humorous R&D exploits. The first ad, for example, shows a trio of children in lab coats hovering over bubbling beakers, with a note saying they are working on “invention projekt #3, Invisibul Potion.” (View photo.)

Brooks Kushman broke new marketing ground last year during the Detroit Auto Show and Society of Automotive Engineers conference with its uniquely successful billboard campaigns. The first of the firm`s new “child`s play” ads will run on a billboard during this year`s Detroit Auto Show. It will also be featured in upcoming issues of Crain`s Detroit Business and in Corporate Counsel`s Directory of the “Go-To” law firms selected by the Fortune 500, in which Brooks Kushman is profiled.
(View Photo.)

“So much of the advertising done for law firms, and for IP firms in particular, is staid and boring,” said John M. Halan, Brooks Kushman`s marketing partner. “You see one technical drawing or scientific illustration, and you`ve seen them all. Or there`s a picture of lawyers in suits standing around a desk. We wanted something different, something fun.”

The inquisitive nature of children seemed a natural fit for promoting an IP firm, said Halan.

“Within every scientist, every researcher, every inventor there`s a child who once took apart an alarm clock to see how it worked – and probably put it back together again with pieces leftover,” he said. “We often forget that the joy of discovery, of invention, is what draws most innovators to their work. These ads remind us that, though what we do has a serious side, this spirit of inquiry, of playing with ideas, should never be lost.”

The firm’s current ad and photos of the billboard can be viewed by clicking the links below.


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