Media Coverage | 07/28/2010

Detroit Legal News: Duck, duck, decoy: Attorney is passionate – and accomplished – duck carver

Team Contact: John Nemazi


Detroit Legal News
By Paul Janczewski

If you see a tall, mustachioed man hovering over a road kill bird, don`t assume he`s just someone looking for another ingredient for redneck stew. It could be John E. Nemazi taking precise measurements and pictures of the fallen fowl as research for his carving hobby.

Nemazi, 58, of Bloomfield Hills, is an attorney and engineer who heads the patent prosecution group at Brooks Kushman, a nationally recognized intellectual property and commercial law firm. He holds or shares more than five-dozen patents, and has made a nice living helping manufacturers get their products to market by designing around existing inventions.

Read the entire interview with Patent Attorney John Nemazi.

Original Publication:  Detroit Legal News July 28, 2010

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