Press Releases | 12/13/2010

Global Patent Offices Increasingly Share The Work


Patent attorneys, Michael Brodbine and John Nemazi at Brooks Kushman discuss the benefits of the patent offices around the world that are working together to create an efficient patent examination process.

Global Patent Offices Increasingly Share The Work

Offices around the world have made progress in decreasing work duplication in an effort to reduce patent backlogs.

As most of the technological innovations being developed have global applicability, companies are seeking patent protection not just domestically, but also in key international markets. It is estimated that, in 2010, about 2 million patent applications will be filed worldwide, with roughly 450,000 patent applications being filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) alone. Roughly 50% of all patent applications filed have also been filed in at least one other patent office.

Two common patent problems that technology companies face are the costs associated with maintaining a worldwide patent portfolio that adequately protects their innovations and the length of time it takes for a patent application to be examined after it has been filed due to patent office backlog. The longer it takes for an application to be examined, the longer it takes for the applicant or a competitor to know what scope of patent protection is available. This uncertainty makes it difficult for companies to plan their commercialization efforts.

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Original Publication:  National Law Journal December 13, 2010

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