Media Coverage | 12/23/2010

Inside Counsel Magazine Looks to Angileri for Take on Increase of Patent Re-Examination Claims

Team Contact: Frank Angileri


“Legal Departments Confront Complicated IP Arena:  Patent Litigation Becomes More Aggressive”
Inside Counsel Magazine

December 23, 2010 – Brooks Kushman litigation shareholder, Frank Angileri offers his insight to Inside Counsel magazine regarding the increase of patent re-examination claims.  The article explains that years ago re-examinations were not advantageous of litigation defendants because if you lose, the plaintiff can seek damages, but that is not the case anymore. 

“Now there`s a belief that your chances of success in re-exam have gone up,” says Angileri.  “So you strike that cost-benefit analysis, and certainly for a lot of people it toggles from a no to a yes.”

For more, read the full Inside Counsel article.

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