Presentations | 08/12/2011

LeRoy Presents on the Legal Risks of Open Source Software

Team Contact: John LeRoy


Brooks Kushman patent litigator and shareholder, John LeRoy leads an ExecSense webinar titled, “What CIOs Need to Know About the Legal Risks Associated with Open Source Software,” on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 2:30 PM (EDT).  John will discuss the following:

  • Open source software is “free” of charge, but…
  • If used improperly, you can EXTINGUISH your company’s intellectual property rights in the resulting product
  • By using even a small amount of open source software, you can waive ALL of your company’s patent rights and copyrights
  • By not properly complying with the terms of the open source license, you can expose your company to COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT liability

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