Press Releases | 06/27/2011

Lorelli Authors Book Chapter on Litigation Strategies for Intellectual Property Cases

Team Contact: Marc Lorelli


Brooks Kushman litigation shareholder, Marc Lorelli, contributed to the Inside the Minds book, “Litigation Strategies for Intellectual Property Cases” with the chapter, “New Challenges for Today’s Lawyers in Litigating Patent Cases.”  Lorelli highlights the following areas in the book chapter:

  • New Developments and Key Issues in Recent Patent Litigation
  • New Considerations in Patent Law Cases
  • The Impact of Global Factors on IP Law
  • Developing a Plaintiff’s IP Litigation Strategy
  • Putting Together the Litigation Team:  Choosing Experts
  • Developing a Defense Strategy in IP Cases
  • The Discovery and Research Process
  • Understanding Complicated Technologies in IP Cases
  • Pre-Suit Communications
  • Strategies for Saving Money During Litigation
  • Overcoming Challenges in Cases with Multiple Defendants
  • Identifying Winning Issues:  Mistakes to Avoid
  • Venues for International Patent Cases

Read the entire Inside the Minds book chapter written by Marc Lorelli.

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