| 11/04/2009

Managing Ford’s Trademarks: Less like client and counsel, more like colleagues


With its client Ford Motor Company, Brooks Kushman has pioneered a new type of client relationship in the trademark area. The cover story of the May 2003 edition of Managing Intellectual Property described the Brooks Kushman-Ford trademark relationship as “less like client and counsel, more like colleagues.” Since January 2002, Brooks Kushman has handled all of Ford`s work in clearing and registering new trademarks, assisting in opposition and cancellation proceedings, and works daily with Ford`s in-house counsel to help Ford manage its efforts in these areas overseas.

Brooks Kushman`s mission is unparalleled service. To meet this mission for Ford, Brooks Kushman has dedicated four attorneys and five paralegals to meet Ford`s needs, and developed a number of streamlined processes. Brooks Kushman`s network of foreign associate counsel, selected to provide the same responsiveness and value that Brooks Kushman demands of itself, has helped Brooks Kushman provide Ford with optimum value not only in the United States, but worldwide.

Brooks Kushman is also on the leading edge in the technology side of legal services. Brooks Kushman has worked almost daily with Ford to help Ford develop a collaborative IP management system called Anaqua. Anaqua lets in house counsel, inside business people and outside counsel communicate efficiently and effortlessly.

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