Media Coverage | 09/19/2011

Michigan Lawyers Weekly Looks to Angileri for Insight on the Impact of the America Invents Act to Patent Law

Team Contact: Frank Angileri


“Redrawing the Drawing Board:  Patent Attorneys Gear up for Major Changes”
Michigan Lawyers Weekly

September 19, 2011 – Brooks Kushman patent attorney, Frank Angileri was featured in the recent patent law article in Michigan Lawyers Weekly about the passing of the America Invents Act.  The article looks to Angileri and his take on the changes:

“Historically, when an inventor came into your office, you could tell him or her that you don`t need to race to the patent office, because as long as you have an invention date you can investigate whether your invention has commercial visibility,” Angileri said.  “That`s true for individuals and corporations. Now, all clients have this challenge where if they don`t file quickly, they potentially have risks and may lose their rights.”

He continues, “Forcing a decision on whether to file sooner may lead to people filing on things that, had they had more time to investigate, they might not have chosen to file.  Now you have to frontload those costs, and make the decision earlier on because you`re afraid that someone else is going to get in line in front of you.…You have to make a decision to file before you have as much information as you`d like about the commercial impact.”

Read the entire Michigan Lawyers Weekly article on the America Invents Act.

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