Publications | 11/21/2013

Preparing for Your Company’s Future – Defensive IP Due Diligence


SOUTHFIELD, MI – Brooks Kushman Shareholder, Kristin L. Murphy highlights the importance of intellectual property (IP) due diligence in a recent article, published in biolink, a MichBio e-publication, titled: “Preparing for Your Company’s Future – Defensive IP Due Diligence.” In the article, Kristin addresses the strategies for undertaking an effective defensive due diligence.

To ensure a company gets the most out of its IP, she explains the necessary steps to take, which include: identifying the business` priorities with respect to the transaction; substantive analysis of identified goods and services being sold, and related IP; and translation of intangible IP assets into a quantifiable value. Kristin also explains the benefits of taking these proactive measures to not only uncover potential issues, but also potentially enhance the value of the IP assets.

Click here to read “Preparing for Your Company’s Future – Defensive IP Due Diligence” by Kristin Murphy.

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