Media Coverage | 01/06/2004

RIAA Can’t Subpoena Identities of File Traders, D.C. Cir. Says

Team Contact: Thomas Lewry


Publication:Intellectual Property Litigation Reporter

A federal appellate court recently ruled that the RIAA cannot obtain the identities of file traders from their ISPs. Tom Lewry commented, “This is obviously going to put a huge monkey wrench” into the RIAA’s plans to continue filing lawsuits against individual file traders. “However, the decision will not help the hundreds of individuals who have been sued by the RIAA over the past several months after the group obtained their identities from their ISPs. These cases are not like criminal cases in which information can be suppressed by a judge who finds that it was obtained illegally.”

Lewry represented four college students sued by RIAA for copyright infringement last year.

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