Media Coverage | 04/14/2010

The Oakland Press: Southfield law firm specializes in intellectual property

Team Contact: James Proscia, Ph.D.


It is not uncommon for intellectual property (IP) attorneys to have backgrounds in engineering and business. But advanced degrees in biochemistry, physics, chemistry, molecular biology and physiology, as well as expertise in aeronautics and information systems technology? As it turns out, that`s not uncommon either — at least not at Brooks Kushman law firm.

The Southfield-based IP and commercial law firm is home to more than 70 highly specialized, IP-focused legal professionals with a broad range of technical expertise. This allows the firm to match individual inventors and Fortune 100 companies alike with legal professionals who have the background and expert knowledge of their particular industry.

One such professional, James Proscia, spent 10 years as a research scientist and technical specialist at Ford Motor Co. In addition, he has designed a number of specialized computer programs in a variety of computer languages. Because of his technical background, including advanced degrees in biotechnology, chemical physics and physics, Proscia understands and readily speaks the language of inventors, making him an asset to the Brooks Kushman team and its clients. Currently, he is directly involved in bioinformatics research for a biotech startup company.

Another attorney, Lance Pritikin, served as a lead spacecraft engineer for one of the largest defense contractors in the world before joining Brooks Kushman. He recently co-authored a technical paper published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and has acquired nearly a decade of computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, finite element analysis and rapid prototyping experience as an independent design engineer and manufacturing quality control consultant.

“Jim and Lance are just two examples of the vast experience and highly technical backgrounds found at Brooks Kushman,” said Mark Cantor, president of the law firm. “Similarly advanced professionals can be found in just about all areas of our practice, giving us the unique advantage of offering our clients a wide range of capabilities and experience levels to cost-effectively meet their needs.”

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Original Publication: The Oakland Press April 15th, 2010

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