Press Releases | 02/05/2010

To Patent, Or Not To Patent


Jeffrey Szuma and Michael Brodbine discuss factors small-to-medium sized companies should take into consideration when determining whether to seek patent protection for a new product.

To Patent, Or Not To Patent

Suppose you`re the Owner, CEO or General Counsel of a small-to-medium sized company that has developed a new widget you think might be patentable. You know that obtaining a patent can be an expensive proposition. But you`re also concerned that your competitor may soon develop the same widget independently. If you don`t obtain a patent on the widget and your competitor does, you wonder whether your competitor can stop you from selling your widget if you developed it first. The question you might ask is: “Should we patent our widget, or not?”
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Original Publication: Corp Magazine. Corp. Publishing, LLC – February 4th, 2010

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