Webinar | April 30, 2018

When Business Meets IP: Six Strategies for Mitigating Risk of IP

  • trade-secrets
  • trademarks
  • open-source-management
  • copyrights
  • patent-prosecution

In many businesses, intellectual property assets, including patents, copyrights, trademark, and trade secrets, represent critical assets essential to success in the marketplace. Protecting IP assets often requires careful planning and oversight. Missteps can result in the loss of rights or, in some instances, liability for infringing the IP rights of competitors. Fortunately, companies can avoid many IP-related risks through periodic “tune-ups.”

In this webcast, IP experts identified six steps companies should consider to further manage IP assets and avoid the risk and cost of future IP disputes. The program discussed specific tips for a rapidly evolving IP legal landscape.

Topics included:

  • Trade secrets strategies under the new federal Defend Trade Secrets Act;
  • Using opinions to avoid liability and limit exposure;
  • Preparing to launch products by clearing trademarks;
  • Adopting effective NDA and Non-Compete policies;
  • Managing risks arising from Open Source software; and
  • Establishing ownership to critical IP asset.

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