Compliance & E-Discovery

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Brooks Kushman has extensive experience in advising clients about their document and information technology needs. More specifically, for example, Brooks Kushman consults with clients to ensure their readiness for e-discovery litigation rules.

Our services range from merely reviewing and providing general guidelines to developing and implementing records management programs and policies, selecting software vendors, implementing legal/litigation holds, and preparing IT employees for their new responsibilities based upon the e-discovery rules. To maximize our counseling benefits, we conduct comprehensive reviews of record management resources and IT systems.

Our counseling services include preparing IT employees for depositions and providing advice and counseling about the myriad of legal and/or IT services required to “bridge the gap” between the purchase of software programs and the organization of electronic records that will facilitate easier compliance with the e-discovery rules. We identify opportunities for clients to achieve cost-savings associated with electronic storage of back-up data and records management programs.

Most significantly, we maximize cost-savings by having one firm provide the internal resources required to minimize the risks of sanctions for non-compliance with e-discovery rules and to prepare the IT employees for their litigation roles, irrespective of the different types of litigation in which clients may be involved.