Compliance & E-Discovery

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E-discovery can be a very complex matter. When the time comes, the e-discovery lawyers at Brooks Kushman can make sure your company is prepared, protected, and in compliance. We can assist with basic compliance and e-discovery needs, such as providing general guidelines, to more involved services that include:

  • Developing and implementing records management programs and policies
  • Selecting software vendors
  • Implementing legal/litigation holds
  • Preparing IT employees for compliance with e-discovery rules
  • Preparing IT employees for deposition
  • Advising on legal and/or IT services to “bridge the gap” between the purchase of software programs and the organization of electronic records in compliance with the e-discovery rules
  • Identifying cost-saving opportunities associated with electronic storage of back-up data and records management programs

By working with one firm to provide the internal resources required to minimize the risks of sanctions for non-compliance with e-discovery rules and to prepare the IT employees for their litigation roles, cost-savings can be maximized for our clients regardless of which types of litigation may be involved in their case.