Legal IT Consulting

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Very often, there’s a barrier that exists between IT departments and in-house legal counsel. In-house lawyers generally aren’t experts in information systems and IT teams usually don’t have legal backgrounds. IT staff and lawyers don’t always speak the same language, and as a result, they don’t always understand each other’s needs and objectives. Brooks Kushman can bridge that gap and help in-house legal counsel and IT departments work together as effectively as possible.

When Brooks Kushman is brought on in the early stages of a project, our information technology consultants can bring deep, forward-thinking insights into the development and implementation of new systems that streamline legal processes and support intellectual property portfolios. We can assist with selecting software or developing solutions that improve the organization and administration of an in-house legal workflow. Additional legal IT services we provide include designing:

  • Intellectual property docketing databases
  • Case and financial management systems
  • Litigation support tools
  • Extranet and portal collaborative solutions
  • Client/server databases to manage intellectual property portfolios

It’s our goal to help our clients reduce overhead costs while maximizing the benefits of the collaborative efforts of all service providers in support of our clients’ organizations. Our information technology consultants work with clients’ employees, vendors and other legal service providers to integrate software solutions into their respective practices.