Legal IT Consulting

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At Brooks Kushman we recognize that the way clients organize and administer their legal workflow can have as much of an impact on their success as the quality of the law firms that handle their work. We understand that clients’ in-house lawyers are not usually information system experts, and that clients’ IT staff is not usually composed of lawyers. IT staff and lawyers don’t always speak the same language, and they don’t always understand each other’s diverse needs and objectives.

Brooks Kushman has experience in bridging the gap between clients’ lawyers, their legal processes, and the software needed to get the job done as efficiently as possible. By including Brooks Kushman in the planning stages of the project, we can provide forward-thinking insight into the development and implementation of clients’ new systems. We work with clients’ employees, vendors and other legal service providers to integrate software solutions into their respective practices. Our objective is to maximize the benefits of the collaborative efforts of all service providers in support of our clients’ organization.

We are frequently called upon to support client efforts implementing technology for streamlining their legal processes. The goal is to reduce the overhead costs necessary to support clients’ intellectual property portfolios. We have assisted in designing or selecting software solutions to help clients improve the organization and administration of their in-house legal workflow. We have helped design intellectual property docketing databases, case and financial management systems, litigation support tools and extranet and portal collaborative solutions. We have also developed several client/server databases to manage client intellectual property portfolios for small and midsize organizations.