Brooks Kushman Achieves Important Victory for Client Smartrend Manufacturing in a Recent Patent Infringement Case

Jury Verdict

Willful Patent Infringement


Brooks Kushman, a Michigan-based intellectual property law firm, received a favorable verdict in a recent patent infringement case for its client Smartrend Manufacturing Group, Inc. ("Smartrend") against direct competitor Opti-Luxx, Inc. ("Opti-Luxx").

The Case

This case unfolded in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan and revolved around allegations of patent infringement brought against Opti-Luxx for the sale of its “Destination” direct-mount LED school bus signs. The patents at the heart of this case were U.S. Design Patent No. D932,930 and Utility Patent No. 11,348,491. Both patents are wholly owned by Smartrend and relate to its innovative Direct Mount, LED Destination School Bus Signs.

During nearly the two years of litigation, Smartrend contended Opti-Luxx had copied Smartrend’s LED bus sign design and willfully infringed both asserted patents.  In under two hours of deliberation, the jury agreed with Smartrend’s allegations and found Opti-Luxx willfully infringed both patents. The jury also awarded damages in the form of Smartrend's lost profits resulting from the patent infringement.

Brooks Kushman's Dedication

The legal team at Brooks Kushman, composed of Tom Cunningham, John Rondini, and Dustin Zak, demonstrated unwavering commitment in securing this victory for its client. The team’s two-year dedication ensured the favorable outcome received by Smartrend.

Reaffirmation of Intellectual Property Rights

This case not only underscores the paramount importance of safeguarding intellectual property rights but also reaffirms Smartrend's unwavering dedication to innovation and the protection of its groundbreaking technologies. Like all clients it represents, Brooks Kushman is proud it was able to defend and protect Smartrend’s intellectual property rights against such known willful infringers.

The Brooks Kushman team representing First Light includes: Thomas Cunningham, John Rondini, and Dustin Zak.

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