Press Releases | 01/20/2020

A Heartfelt Tribute to Brooks Kushman Attorney George Mosher, Jr.


We are saddened to announce the passing of former Brooks Kushman attorney George Mosher, a trademark mogul and World War II veteran that touched the lives of everyone around him. We are all blessed to have had the opportunity to work with George for 30 years during his second career stint. He was unique in so many ways and we are thankful for everything we were able to learn from him.

George joined Brooks Kushman in 1986 after serving as the Chief Trademark Counsel for General Motors for over 25 years. He was GM’s first in-house trademark counsel and was responsible for clearing the CORVETTE as his first project. His experience and leadership affected so many in our community and greatly bolstered our firm’s trademark practice.

During his time with Brooks Kushman, he loved sharing family and career stories. He had a way of telling stories so elegantly, capturing the attention of all those around him. Even if you weren’t involved in the conversation, his stories found a way of drawing you in. George loved sharing stories about his days as a cowboy – working on a ranch in South Dakota with no power or running water. He also had many stories about his time in World War II where he was stationed in the South Pacific and was one of many sailors who resisted and fought through the kamikaze attacks.

George was full of energy and always enjoyed a good laugh. People were impressed by and envious of the energy and athleticism he possessed. He loved to ski and finally retired from the sport at the age of 90, shortly before he decided to retire from the practice of law. In his words, he said “I thought the age of 90 was a good time to retire from skiing”.

We will forever share many memories of George during his time with Brooks Kushman. His family, friends, and old colleagues are in our thoughts and prayers.


Your friends at Brooks Kushman.


Below are memories many attorneys and staff members have shared about George. He will be forever remembered.

“George positively impacted countless people because he was first and foremost a kind and genuine person. All of his many accomplishments flowed from these high-character traits. He was a treasure to all who had the pleasure of knowing him.” – Frank Angileri

“He was a unique person you rarely meet in a lifetime. During his childhood in South Dakota, he was raised in a house without running water or electricity and watched the carving of Mt. Rushmore. An adventurous soul, he went on a cattle drive at the age of 65! I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him for so many years.” – Mark Cantor

I had the good fortune of getting to know George at BK.  His optimism, can-do attitude and zest for life were infectious.  He would generously share his time and wisdom and we all benefited from his presence.   His legendary stories, delivered with a twinkle in his eyes, served as a vehicle to forge instant connections—whether they covered his childhood, military service, professional career, philanthropic efforts, Alaska trips or family life.  On a personal level, his life and work left an indelible mark.  He will be deeply missed.” – Sangeeta Shah

“George was a wonderful man of great humor and many talents, and was a very special mentor and friend.  It was an honor and blessing to know and work with him. George definitely knew how to tell stories. He had many stories about growing up on a cattle ranch in South Dakota near Wounded Knee, which happened just 30 years before his birth. He loved his family very much and it was amazing to hear him detail the memories they created.” – Elizabeth Janda

“I am so blessed to have known George for 20+ years, and to call him my friend.  George exemplified everything that was good in a human.   He was an extraordinary man, who will be greatly missed, yet never forgotten.” –Michelle White

“I am so blessed to have known George.  He would frequently “make the rounds” at BK, just stopping in to say hello.  He always had something bright and positive to say; I never heard him complain about anything.  I still remember skiing behind George on one of our ski retreats out West, wishing I could ever ski so effortlessly and silky smooth.  I believe that was when George was in his late 80’s.  What a wonderful and inspiring man!  If only many more could be like him.” – William Conger

“I also got to know George Mosher, and agree wholeheartedly that he was an outstanding person and great role model.  Shortly after I joined BK, the firm had a retreat at Disney World in  Orlando, Florida, and George was my roommate!  What a wonderful experience to get to know him and to learn the history of BK.  George was an excellent example of the type of person our world needs more of today.” – William Thomson

“George’s first IP case involved Superman vs Captain Marvel when he was at Nims, Verdi & Martin in New York. The case eventually went before the Supreme Court. George had to research comic books for similar characters to prove no infringement, and that sparked his interest in IP.” – Hope Shovein

“Many years ago, George convinced one of my dear friends to enroll at OCC, he really didn’t need much convincing though, stating something along the lines of, ‘When The founding father personally recruits you, you listen.’

Perhaps George’s nightly martini was the secret. . .think I may give it a try. 😉

THANK YOU George! for your decision(s)—the Ford TM work paved my life, I am forever grateful.” –Lynne Nikkila

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