Webinar | June 14, 2017

Creating Internal Open Source Compliance Strategies

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Open Source Software (OSS) elements are ubiquitous in software today, but few companies have a robust policy for managing OSS in their supply chain. If you sell products that include embedded or application software, attention to legal obligations associated with OSS should be given to the purchasing, development, and sales aspects of your organization.

Each member of the supply chain must fulfill its OSS obligations, so the key is to have a process for training the relevant employees about a clear mechanism for identifying and approving use of OSS, and for complying with the applicable requirements.

During this webcast, Brooks Kushman Shareholders Robyn Lederman and Kristin Murphy addressed what program managers and legal staff need to understand about OSS, best practices, and how to create an internal policy to ensure compliance.

Topics covered include:

  • Example legal obligations of buyers and sellers in the supply chain
  • Example OEM OSS disclosure and compliance requirements as a supplier obligation
  • Popular software tools to help manage OSS in your organization
  • Potential OSS risks and litigation issues

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