Webinar | December 6, 2017

IP Analytics – Powerful Strategies for Portfolio Management

  • licensing
  • patent-litigation
  • analytics

In-house counsel are faced with a myriad of challenges when it comes to management of a large intellectual property (IP) portfolio. Studying analytics to take a deep-dive into their portfolio often takes a backseat to other responsibilities. And until recently, many data-supported perspectives were not even readily available. Now, however, there are programs available that can produce meaningful analytical snapshots in minutes, helping in-house counsel plan more strategically, stay ahead of the competition, and monetize IP portfolios. This webcast presents a wide-ranging overview of analytics capabilities now accessible and available to IP portfolio managers.

Topics covered include:

  • Strategic copying of competitor claims, and timely identifying broadening reissue opportunities;
  • Identifying patents and targets for litigation and/or licensing;
  • Mapping competitor filings and abandonments by technology class (USPTO, CPC, etc);
  • Aiding in maintenance fee awareness and management, both identifying abandonment rates of competitors by technology class and identifying patents to keep alive based on data-backed characteristics;
  • Benchmarking patents and pending applications for IP efficacy evaluation; and
  • Supporting litigation with cost-effective USPTO record review and “silver bullet” opportunities.

Each of the preceding concepts is enabled and greatly improved through the utilization of analytic tools coupled with USPTO data. After the webinar, attendees should have a much better sense of the tools that now exist in the analytics world that can streamline and improve the daily practice of IP portfolio management.

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