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Those tasked with managing patent assets face a myriad of challenges when handling a sizable portfolio. The need to keep a competitively-sized portfolio often runs counter to the desire to keep IP budgets under tight management.  Further, gradually accruing patents also means rising annual maintenance fees.  These costs can be offset by licensing wins, strategic defensive patent utilization, and even enforcement, but even identifying opportunities for such monetization in a large portfolio can be cost-prohibitive.

Brooks Kushman’s analytics team leverages powerful analytics technology to assist clients in evaluating portfolios, minimizing costs, and obtaining strategic defensive information. By using newly-available analytics data that identifies when your patents and applications are used as prior art, we are able to efficiently identify potential licensing targets.  Our skilled attorneys can then review the rejected applications and any corresponding products to determine if a license offer is recommended.  At the same time, we can use the rejection data as the starting point for considering targeted continuation filings.  We offer start-to-finish licensing services, beginning with target identification, through license drafting, to enforcement and future audits.

Working collaboratively with our clients, our team uses the available analytics and rejection information to assist with strategic planning. Having access to a wealth of portfolio data and competitive information, our attorneys are able to compile useful reports to make informed decisions on the management of their patent portfolios. This information is also useful in making informed and cost-effective decisions on maintenance and renewal fees.

Our team has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, universities, and small to medium-sized businesses. We use this data for more strategic, informed, and advantageous decisions while managing their patent portfolio.


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