Media Coverage | 09/06/2003

Peace Offering for File Traders?

Team Contact: Thomas Lewry

  • commercial-litigation

Publication:Wired News

Tom Lewry is quoted in this article regarding the music industry`s plans to offer so-called “amnesty” to file traders who come forward and promise not download files in the future.

Lewry does not believe that this is the best approach. According to Lewry, “The general concept of amnesty is a good one . . . but he was skeptical of ‘creating a database of violators, so to speak.`”

“I would think many of the people who have downloaded music would be concerned about privacy rights . . . To put identifying information into a database that the RIAA owns will turn people off, and therefore the program will not succeed. . . . I think people distrust the RIAA”.

Lewry represented four college students sued by RIAA for copyright infringement earlier this year

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