Webinar | September 11, 2017

Protecting Your Trademarks in the Global Marketplace

  • trademarks

In today’s global economy, businesses must have a strategy for protecting their trademarks both domestically and internationally.  In this webinar, Brooks Kushman shareholders Robyn Lederman and Kristin Murphy provide practical guidance on best practices for managing a comprehensive trademark portfolio within the confines of any budget. Panelists discussed prioritizing ‘must do’ ‘should do’ and ‘want to do’ in the selection, filing, maintenance, and enforcement of marks, as well as how to manage costs and local counsel.

Topics discussed include:

  • Corral your Trademarks
  • What is the Budget – Manage Costs
  • Secure Rights in the Jurisdictions Needed
  • Manage Use and Collection of Evidence to Prove It
  • Prevent Unauthorized Use
  • Paring Down the Portfolio (Trademark Audit)

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