Inter Partes Review

Inter Partes Review (IPR) is one type of post-grant proceeding available to challenge the claims of U.S. patents. Inter Partes Review is available for all patents during enforceability, regardless of priority date. A petition seeking Inter Partes Review can generally be filed at any time with a couple of exceptions. It must be filed before the petitioner seeks a declaratory judgment of invalidity in a civil action in district court and within one year of service of a complaint for infringement by the patent owner. Also, the PTAB’s decision may be appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Inter Partes Review differs from Post-Grant Review and other post-grant proceedings in that:

  • For first-inventor-to-file patents, the petition for Inter Partes Review cannot be filed while eligible for post-grant review (nine months after the grant of the patent) or during a post-grant review proceeding. For first-to-invent patents, the petition can be filed at any time during a patent's enforceability.
  • The standard of review requires the petitioner to demonstrate a reasonable likelihood of prevailing on at least one patent claim.
  • Discovery may be limited to depositions of witnesses submitting affidavits or declarations and what is otherwise necessary in “the interest of justice,” including cited documentation, cross-examination, and information inconsistent with positions advanced during the Inter Partes Review proceeding.
  • Grounds for the petitioner’s request to cancel one or more claims of a patent are restricted to prior art consisting of patents or printed publications, which can potentially limit the estoppel effect for the petitioner or patent owner.

Inter Partes Review Process:

review process

Strategy & Foresight

Brooks Kushman understands the intricacies and implications of post-grant challenges, how to staff such matters, what resources to deploy, and the technical issues at the heart of each matter. Our attorneys know what it takes to vigorously represent our clients and prevail in such administrative proceedings and coordinate efforts with possible parallel district court litigation and on appeal, recognizing the impact a decision can have on a patent portfolio, market opportunities, and the bottom line. At the same time, our prosecution team works closely with our clients to develop and implement client-specific strategies to help insulate a patent portfolio from a post-grant challenge. In conjunction with our Patent Searchers, we can track related post-grant proceedings, monitor patent filings from our clients’ competitors, and search for and examine relevant prior art—to anticipate potential future challenges and institute proactive measures to minimize any potential risk. In view of the changing landscape and complex and competing interests at play, Brooks Kushman is able to leverage its depth of experience in all facets of IP, to help our clients maintain competitive advantage.

Ford Motor Company v. Paice, LLC & Abell Foundation, Inc(PTAB): Successfully represented Ford Motor Company as lead counsel before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in a set of IPR petitions that were part of 25 inter partes review (IPR) proceedings related to hybrid technology.  In total, the Brooks Kushman team challenged 325 claims across five patents; 274 of those claims were instituted. In decisions spanning from 2015-2017, the PTAB found 273 of the 274 instituted claims unpatentable.  Brooks Kushman also represented Ford in follow-on litigation before the International Trade Commission, resulting in a favorable settlement.

 JTEKT Corp. v. GKN Automotive Ltd (PTAB): Successfully defended patent owner GKN Automotive Ltd as lead counsel in an inter partes review proceeding filed by JTEKT, challenging claims in a patent related to drivelines switchable between a four-wheel mode and a two-wheel mode. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board found JTEKT failed to prove the obviousness of the claims and ruled the claims patentable. The Federal Circuit agreed and dismissed the appeal in a precedential opinion on standing. Case No. IPR2016-00046

Google LLC et al v. Seven Networks, LLC (PTAB): Successfully defended patent owner Seven Networks as lead counsel in three inter partes review proceedings related to a telecom patent for optimizing battery life, resulting in 100% of the inter partes review challenges being denied at the institution stage and leading to a favorable settlement on the heels of the institution decision. Case No. IPR2018-01102, IPR2018-01113, IPR2018-01114

Ex parte reexamination of Reexamination Control (CRU): Following the final written decision in IPR2015-01444 (affirmed by the Federal Circuit) holding all claims unpatentable, Sangeeta was retained to revive IXI’s enforcement strategy by filing a patent owner-initiated reexamination.  Ultimately Brooks Kushman was able to secure 67 new, IPR-proof claims through the reexamination process.   After the success of the first reexamination, two additional reexaminations were filed, securing over 100+ new claims for three different, asserted patents. No. 90013925, Ex. 1032,3 of U.S. Patent No. 7,039,033 (the ‘033 patent)

Apple, Inc v. IXI, LLC (PTAB): Successfully thwarted Apple’s attempt to seek trial on six IPR petitions that were time barred under 35 U.S.C. § 315(b), establishing that there was no basis for joinder and/or consolidation and further that a reexamination certificate does not create a new “patent” or affect the § 315(b)-time bar. Case No. IPR2019-00124, IPR2019-00125, IPR2019-00139, IPR2019-00140, IPR2019-00141, IPR2019-00181.

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