Podcast | 08/16/2023

Breaking Mindsets with LaNelle Owens from Cummins on Navigating Different Workplaces and Work/Life Fluidity


Image of LaNelle Owens

LaNelle Owens

Chief Trademark Counsel at Cummins

Image of Sangeeta Shah

Sangeeta Shah

CEO at Brooks Kushman


In this episode, Lanelle Owens, Chief Trademark Counsel at Cummins, discusses with Brooks Kushman CEO Sangeeta Shah some of the techniques she has used to find happiness and success in her career. Through navigating a variety of work environments and people, learning to work with different personalities, setting boundaries to face the unique challenges that arise with having a child with special needs, and creating efficiencies in her work are all techniques she will discuss in this episode. LaNelle Owens is a seasoned legal advisor with a track record of providing practical legal advice for a variety of company strategic initiatives related to intellectual property management.   She has proven her command over a wide range of business and legal issues for a variety of clients, making her an exceptional leader in the IP world.

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