Podcast | 06/17/2024

Intertwining Brand Therapy and Virtual Reality in the Metaverse with Jaime Schwarz from Brand Therapy LLC


Image of Jaime Schwarz

Jaime Schwarz

Brand Therapist and founder of Brand Therapy LLC

Image of Benjamin Stasa

Benjamin Stasa

Shareholder at Brooks Kushman


Brand Therapy may be an unfamiliar topic to many of you. Unlike therapy that individuals seek to better themselves, Brand Therapy focuses on empowering and prioritizing the brand itself, not the individual. It also gives the brand a voice of its own. But did you realize Brand Therapy can be tied to the metaverse? The metaverse needs Brand Therapy too! This allows the virtual objects to speak for themselves and provides cohesiveness across all platforms such as owning NFTs. In this episode of New Frontiers, we are joined by Jaime Schwarz, Brand Therapist and founder of Brand Therapy LLC. Jaime spent 15 years contributing award-winning work to dozens of NYC agencies for hundreds of clients before he started Brand Therapy LLC. Jaime shares with us everything we need to know about Authorized Mixed Reality. What it is, how it works, and his current goal of looking for partners to use this patent for virtual product authenticity and interoperability to promote an open metaverse.

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