Podcast | 07/01/2024

Innovative Machine Learning in Europe with Dr. Harry Strange from Withers & Rogers


Image of Dr. Harry Strange

Dr. Harry Strange

European Patent Attorney at Withers & Rogers

Image of Benjamin Stasa

Benjamin Stasa

Shareholder at Brooks Kushman


When machine learning comes to mind you may think of Silicon Valley, notable universities in the East Coast, and other places practicing advance technologies. Today we find out that contrary to popular belief, machine learning is being utilized at intellectual property firms in Europe as well. Discover why machine learning is valuable in the world of European patents and how it is being used to uncover patent activity within Europe. In this episode of New Frontiers, we are joined by Dr. Harry Strange, European Patent Attorney at Withers & Rogers. Harry is an industry expert in machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and software systems. Harry shares with us everything we need to know about machine learning specifically within the European Union and the protections one must take there. What it is, how it works, and what patterns and trends machine learning finds through observing European patent data.

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