Podcast | 09/08/2022

Data, Architectural Engineering, and Designing a Better Future


Image of Stet Sanborn

Stet Sanborn

Engineering Discipline Leader

Image of Katrina Kelly-Pitou

Katrina Kelly-Pitou

Systems Strategist

Image of Ben Stasa

Ben Stasa



In the world of architecture, there is an incredible amount of data that goes into designing a building. We are joined by Stet Sanborn and Katrina Kelly-Pitou from SmithGroup, an award-winning architectural design firm known for its integrated practice and commitment to excellence in strategy, design, and delivery. Stet is an Engineering Discipline Leader and award-winning designer with a background in both engineering and architecture, as well as a passionate advocate for Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Carbon engineering, serving on many taskforces to move these initiatives forward. Katrina is a Systems Strategist and an expert in energy systems and economic development where she pulls together engineers, architects, and computer and environmental scientists to bridge the gap between technical and social development needed to future-proof cities across the globe. In this episode, we explore big data and its ever-increasing use in building design.

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