Podcast | 02/02/2023

Interconnected Enterprise Automation with Ken Wada and Murthy Ivaturi from TRANSEC


Image of Ken Wada

Ken Wada


Image of Murthy Ivaturi

Murthy Ivaturi


Image of Ben Stasa

Ben Stasa

Shareholder at Brooks Kushman


Cloud infrastructure and IoT structures perform well when customers only work with one vendor for their needs. Vendors want customers to use all their systems, but most don’t have the capacity to develop the various technologies to accomplish this. Enterprise customers are constantly seeking ways to improve margins and efficiencies. However, through the diversity of choices available to them, the lack of communication protocols and interface methods leads to inefficiencies of operation and possible confusion. Is there a better way to connect these systems together? What if one could create a self-forming network of applications that could seamlessly interconnect for enterprise customers? That’s where TRANSEC was born. In this episode of New Frontiers, we are joined by Ken Wada and Murthy Ivaturi from TRANSEC. Ken Wada is the CEO of TRANSEC with over 25 years of experience architecting and designing high-tech products and systems, and is regarded as a Silicon Valley embedded systems and communications guru. Murthy Ivaturi is the CTO with over 18 years of experience architecting, designing, and implementing enterprise-grade software solutions. We discuss the innovative solution developed at TRANSEC that seamlessly interconnects advanced IIoT networking platforms.

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