Podcast | 07/19/2023

Breaking Mindsets with LaNelle Owens from Cummins on Aligning with Purpose


Image of LaNelle Owens

LaNelle Owens

Chief Trademark Counsel at Cummins

Image of Sangeeta Shah

Sangeeta Shah

Chief Executive Officer at Brooks Kushman


In this episode, LaNelle Owens, Chief Trademark Counsel at Cummins, discusses with Brooks Kushman CEO Sangeeta Shah the numerous career transitions she has made that have brought her to where she is today. Her decision to make these transitions has always been influenced by aligning with purpose at every step of her journey. Her role today speaks to everything she has done and valued throughout her history, culminating in a role that is enriching and worthwhile. LaNelle Owens is a seasoned legal advisor known for providing practical legal advice on corporate initiatives involving intellectual property management. She has a demonstrated track record of breaking down and advising on complex issues involving a wide range of business clients and legal issues, making her an exceptional leader in the IP world.

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