Podcast | 08/12/2020

Christine Pompa from Yeti on Succeeding as a Minority in the Workplace


Image of Christine Pompa

Christine Pompa

Director of Intellectual Property and Litigation at Yeti

Image of Sangeeta Shah

Sangeeta Shah

CEO at Brooks Kushman


Christine Pompa is the Director of Intellectual Property and Litigation at Yeti. Christine has significant experience working both in private practice and in-house. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion efforts in the legal industry and is very involved in the Asian-Pacific American Bar Association. In this episode of Breaking Mindsets, Sangeeta Shah talks with Christine about the importance of self-acceptance and how professionals, especially minorities, can develop confidence and succeed in the workplace, without losing their identity. She also discusses why DEI policies are so important and why DEI knowledge benefits everyone.

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